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Travel Air 2018 Posted on January 06, 2018

Welcome 2018

A new year has started for us at Travel Air Virtual, so it’s time once again to review the Airline and make the required changes.

First I would like to thank everyone that is part of Travel Air Virtual for their time and effort with special thanks to Brenden Corlet for all his work and to Cornell Blok.


So what will the new year bring then at Travel Air Virtual?

We will be reviewing the fleet that we currently operate, with this the aim would be to retire those aircraft that is no longer being used and perhaps expand to some newer aircraft.

We will be reviewing all the routes we currently operate, here is where major changes will take place, there will be a removal of quite a few routes and the addition of some others.

In general the airline will be streamlined to simulate more realistically what one would expect at an airline, with the possibility to expand to other areas of aviation like Charter operations and historical flights.

We would also like to create a more social environment for our users, by hosting fly in events and so on.


More news will follow as we get stuck in and develop the airline.

If anyone has any comments or questions please feel free to contact a staff member.


Happy 2018 everyone and may the new year be an awesome one!

Yours Sincerely 


Etienne van der Lingen